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Hope you’ve all been doing well! It’s been some time!

I’ve got a new story I’ve been working on and posting to RR recently. We’re going to be releasing the first draft chapters here, got some extras up on Patreon. Our plan is to post all of the series here if possible and publish on our site and wide to make it as accessible as possible.

Here’s a blurb of the new story, I hope you enjoy 🙂 Stay awesome

In a world where gods reign supreme, mortals bow in obedient reverence, and faith is unwavering, one man’s unwavering loyalty is shattered, birthing a relentless force of reckoning.

Petor, a devout Paladin, dedicated his life to aiding the helpless under the benevolent gaze of his goddess. But when a chilling revelation dawns upon him – that his own deity orchestrated the brutal massacre of his family – he faces a harrowing choice.

His swift and brutal defiance results in his soul’s banishment to the Celestial Realm for judgment.

Emerging from the abyss, Petor is reborn as Famine, one of the dread Four Horsemen, handpicked by an enigmatic interplanar trader. For gold Limos will teach him the secrets of Yasseen–his former Goddess.

Unfettered by gods, Famine is but mortal, beholden to no master. To return to his home world, he strikes a perilous deal with Limos, a devil turned trader, offering information for gold, quests, and tasks that hold the knowledge of how to slay a god.

But Famine won’t tread this desolate path alone. His companions are as ruthless as they are extraordinary:

Desari, a former assassin turned mage, turned guardian, now known as Conquest, wields arcane powers that defy nature’s very laws.

Mad Mya, the personification of Death, master of the macabre and captain of the undead, holds dominion over seas and souls alike.

Valter, imprisoned body and soul within his Sarcophagi Immortalias, a tool turned into the embodiment of War, shatters his own god-emperor’s bonds in a brutal act of defiance.

Together, they embark on a harrowing journey through realms and across planes, their choices possessing the power to reshape worlds.

Yesterday they died, today, they ride.

Progression fantasy in a party style, deep world building and backstories. Character driven (yes they really stick their foot in it sometimes), swearing, blood, violence, no sexual scenes, no harem.


Click here to check it out! ^^^

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