A Lich’s Love

A Lich’s Love

February 14, 2020


Uniter of Dena. Guardian of the people. Death Knight: Anthony gained a few titles.

So did the savior of the north, the Guardian princess; Aila Wranoris.

The gnomish engineer Tommie. The mad undead. Redeemer of kin, last of his bloodline, Damien.

The reborn battle mage, the honorable Lich, high judge Claire.

It seems as if he stands in good company.

Titles, honors, awards. They are little consolation for the dead, a grim reminder and heavy weight for the living.

Peace is an aspiration a desire of all people. One that is paid for by the blood, tears and sacrifices of honorable men and women.

Honor, respect, love, it is earned, it is tested and it is a greater force than war, or even time.

A Lich’s love, tempered through time, through unimaginable trials. How strong must that be? How far would she be willing to go to save those held dear?

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A Skeleton’s Duty

January 2, 2020


Friend. Lovers. Blood kin. Humans. Beast kin. Enemies. Targets.

At one time, humans and beast kin called each other friends. They weathered the bad times together and celebrated the good times. They even called one another blood brothers and sisters. They fought beside one another.

Time has made these two groups forget their shared history—forget their past relationships. Now, instead of fighting beside one another, the lands at Selenus and Radal prepare to end their cease-fire and once again soak Dena in one another’s blood.

Atrocities committed by both sides make the blood feuds run deep and mercy—let alone forgiveness—feels impossibly far away.

With war and death on the horizon, Anthony and his friends aren’t about to sit back.

The new generation of Guardians have a lot of work ahead of them—they must pull the people of Dena together.

Anthony, come on, how are you going to get the races to put down their weapons and talk it out? Dude, dude! You are scaring the hell out of me with your purply-ness!

Yes, it’s a real word, Claire! No? Come on…some support here, Tommie? Well, dammit, Aila—I’ll make it one!

Anthony, even if they were once allies, now they are enemies—how can you stop them from fighting?

Yeah, yeah…that might work. Wow! Okay, Claire, that seems extreme! No, Damien, I don’t need you to show me how you’ll get them to submit.

Ah! What are you…AGHHH! MY ARM! Mercy! Mercy! Aila! Tommie! Someone help me!!

All right, yeah, I feel sorry for anyone who stands in a Guardian’s path. Who needs a boogeyman? If you do wrong, a Guardian will find you.

You didn’t have to pull on my arm so much, Damien!

No, I will not let you ‘test out a suplex’ on me! No, no-no-no! Ahh!! Looks like it’s a running day! Go away, Damien! I see you laughing, Tommie!
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A Skeleton and a Lich

January 2, 2020


Star-crossed lovers? The mage and her knight? The Fool and the Genius, the world’s oddest couple?

Claire and Anthony have a storied and colorful past. Ahem. It took Anthony nearly 1,000 times to ask Claire out on a date, you know? Like, come on. They were adventuring together for years! Maybe he wasn’t the fool.

Claire, didn’t notice you there—don’t give me that look! You’re starting to scare me…

Uh, okay, so, this world’s greatest love story continues, even though Dena is not a safe place. War is on the horizon as the humans and beast kin mobilize. And they’re not the only group on the move.

It’s time that the Guardians returned to Dena.

Beware of a Guardian on a mission—especially if one of them is the ex-Guardian Battle Mage, who made even the Drafeng speak her name in fear! Really, Anthony must be a masochist or some—Hey! Claire! Put the fireball down! No—don’t make it bigger! No fireballs in the house! Aah!

Check out the 3rd book in the Death Knight series—you know you want to!

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Possessor of the Heart

January 2, 2020



Tommie, Anthony and Aila have a new quest, to head across Dena to the Island nation Ilsal.

There the might learn more of Anthony’s past and recover his lost power. Getting there.. well that’s half the adventure, and something is working in Dena’s shadow.

A Guardian’s work is rarely done, at least this one doesn’t need to sleep.

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Skeleton with a Heart

December 31, 2019


He went by many names, Guardian Legion Commander, the Tree Knight, A member of the Order of Light. The Clan Spirit Champion, the Dragon Tamer, Phoenix Rider, shadow Whisperer and Friend of the Fairies, oh, and Anthony.

He died in a war forgotten, removed from the history books. So he has rested for centuries in the dark. And then. Someone had the audacity to wake him up from his nap! Come on, is nothing sacred anymore?

Aila Wranoris is a princess of the Underdark in the Northern reaches of the Stoha Mountains. The Dark Elves have remained out of the war that has ground to a halt between the Humans and the Beast-Kin.

Now, in their research they have found signs of mysterious ‘doorways’. She is sent to the Deepwood in the South, between the lands of Radal in the West held by the humans and Selenus in the East, controlled by the Beast-Kin.

And she just woke up a Death Knight, though this one looks like he might have hit his skull a few times and a heart beats within his chest.

Their adventure has only begun. Anthony! Put on your armor dammit! Stop using your ribs as a Xylophone! You’re freaking out the Dark Elf.

Lets see if they can make it?

***Warning this is a SHORT book!!***

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