Harmony War


what is it about?

The corporations control everything- from Earth’s government, to the colonies they use as factories.

Though not everything runs as smoothly as the corporations want. People will always want to rebel against low wages and poor conditions.

The corporations turned to the slum dwellers of Earth that lay beneath their mega-towers and stations to restore their order to the colonies. These slum dwellers made up Earth’s Military Forces or EMF.

They were supposed to intimate the colonists actual combat was rare.

That was before Harmony rose up from the furthest systems and declared war on Earth and Her Colonies.

The Harmony War Series follows two brothers as they find a family in the EMF and fight across star systems to bring an end to the Harmony war machine.

the books


Stay in Earth’s slums or carve out a life in Earth’s Military Forces. Two brothers make a choice that will change their lives forever.

Mark and his brother Tyler survived the slums with a gun in their hand and a blade in their sleeve. While it won’t get them hired at a corporation, the Troopers are always looking for trained killers.

The EMF offers education, medical care, food, and real pay. They have a chance at a new life, one where they don’t have to worry about a rival gang killing them in the street.

With a thirty-five year EMF contract the Victor brothers might have a new life, but it comes at a hefty cost.

Peace doesn’t last and the EMF doesn’t care how many troopers die as long as they complete their mission.

Alright so you clicked on the page and now you’re going to the excerpt, are you ready? Are you sure? I took the filter off and we’re going full bore here!

Welcome to Earth and Her Colonies, the universe ain’t all rainbows and pretty planets, mostly it’s putting rebellions down, one bloody round at a time.


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