Free Fleet

what is it about?

This series follows the lives of various creatures from the Free Fleet, its inception, the fires of space battles and powered armor brawls.

The Free Fleet stands to stop what happened to its founding members, happen to anyone else.

the books

the recruitment rise of the free fleet

They called it The Recruitment. Thousands were kidnapped and trained to fight. One fought back.

James Cook was a gamer headed for the biggest gaming match on Earth. Instead, the Planetary Defense Force kidnapped him, his team and twenty-thousand others.

Their alien trainers don’t care how many of them survive, they only care that they can fight.

James Cook was a gamer, but his avatar Salchar, he was a fighter, a leader and the man the recruits need. James must put his doubts about himself aside, there’s no guide to this, no strategy and it’s definitely not a game. He will need to become Salchar, with one goal, to protect his people.,

This is the story of Salchar, his recruits, and the Rise of their Free Fleet.

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