Death Knight


what is it about?

He was a great warrior…

…who thought he was taking a nap.

He was mostly dead.

Anthony accidentally lived a heroic life. He was a kind, loyal, though somewhat quirky guy, who earned many of his nicknames through remarkable good luck in battle. He just wanted to know two things.

Who woke him up from a perfectly good slumber…

… and why can’t he remember anything?

As the daughter of the Dark Elf Queen, Aila had needed to prove herself at every step. Her latest mission was about more than recognition. A magical doorway has opened. It could mean only one thing. War is imminent. She must warn the High Elves.

It should have been simple.

When she woke up the Death Knight, he was a bit of a disappointment. His great skill as a warrior was complimented with a healthy dose of bumbling idiot.

Aila hoped bards would NOT sing of their adventures.

You’ll love this hilarious fantasy, because nobody does mayhem and mirth like Michael Chatfield.

the books

skeleton with a heart

He went by many names, Guardian Legion Commander, the Tree Knight, A member of the Order of Light. The Clan Spirit Champion, the Dragon Tamer, Phoenix Rider, shadow Whisperer and Friend of the Fairies, oh, and Anthony. He died in a war forgotten, removed from the history books. So he has rested for centuries in the dark. And then, Someone had the audacity to wake him up from his nap! Come on, is nothing sacred anymore?

Aila Wranor is a princess of the Underdark in the Northern reaches of the Stoha Mountains. The Dark Elves have remained out of the war that has ground to a halt between the Humans and the Beast-Pin. Now, in their research, they have found signs of mysterious ‘doorways’. She is sent to the Deepwood in the South, between the lands of Radal in the West held by the humans and Selenus in the East, controlled by the Beast-Kin.

And she just woke up a Death Knight, though this one looks like he might have hit his skull a few times and a heart beats within his chest.

Their adventure has only begun.

Anthony! Put on your armor and stop using your ribs as a Xylophone! You’re freaking out the Dark Elf.

Lets see if they can make it?

Warning this is a SHORT book!!

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