Four Tragic heroes lay dead. Four worlds left behind in peril. One Devil with a contract to pull them back from death. This is the legend of the Four Horsemen.

Petor, devout paladin in training was a force of nature on the battlefield. When learning of his goddesses betrayal he turns his spear point in the direction of his fellow paladins.

Desari, a former assassin turned mage, turned guardian, now known as Conquest, wields arcane powers that defy nature’s very laws.

Mad Mya, the personification of Death, master of the macabre and captain of the undead, holds dominion over seas and souls alike.

Valter, imprisoned body and soul within his Sarcophagi Immortalias, a tool turned into the embodiment of War, shatters his own god-emperor’s bonds in a brutal act of defiance.

Together, they embark on a harrowing journey through realms and across planes, their choices possessing the power to reshape worlds.