Anthony, the once-proud Guardian turned Death Knight, is back, and he’s not alone. With friends like Tommie and Aila by his side, he’s on an even wilder ride this time. The trio has been through a lot together, but Anthony still hasn’t regained all of his lost powers or unlocked the secrets of his past.

Their journey takes them across the treacherous seas of Dena to the enigmatic island nation of Ilsal. It’s a place where ancient mysteries and untapped magic await, but so do new challenges and unexpected allies. Anthony will need every ounce of his wits and humor to prevail.

In this thrilling second installment of the series, join Anthony, Tommie, and Aila on a rollicking adventure filled with laughter, magic, and danger. Will they unlock the secrets of Ilsal and help Anthony regain his true Guardian powers, or will their quest lead them into even greater peril? One thing’s for sure: the journey is bound to be as uproarious and spellbinding as ever!