Star-crossed lovers? The mage and her knight? The Fool and the Genius, the world’s oddest couple?

Claire and Anthony have a storied and colorful past. Ahem. It took Anthony nearly 1,000 times to ask Claire out on a date, you know? Like, come on. They were adventuring together for years! Maybe he wasn’t the fool.

Claire, didn’t notice you there—don’t give me that look! You’re starting to scare me…

Uh, okay, so, this world’s greatest love story continues, even though Dena is not a safe place. War is on the horizon as the humans and beast kin mobilize. And they’re not the only group on the move.

It’s time that the Guardians returned to Dena.

Beware of a Guardian on a mission—especially if one of them is the ex-Guardian Battle Mage, who made even the Drafeng speak her name in fear! Really, Anthony must be a masochist or some—Hey! Claire! Put the fireball down! No—don’t make it bigger! No fireballs in the house! Aah!

Check out the 3rd book in the Death Knight series—you know you want to!