In a world where magic and mayhem reign, Anthony and Claire are back, and their love story is still as epic as ever. Star-crossed lovers? The mage and her knight? The Fool and the Genius, the world’s oddest couple? Their tale has all the twists and turns of a classic romance, but with a dash of humor that only Anthony could provide. It only took him nearly 1,000 times to ask Claire out on a date, after all. But who’s counting?

As their love rekindles, so do the perils of Dena. War is looming on the horizon as humans and beast kin mobilize for a battle that could reshape the very foundations of their world. And they’re not the only group on the move.

The time has come for the Guardians to return to Dena. The Guardian of the Light and the ex-Guardian Battle Mage step forward together once more side by side.