New Releases and Updates for the 10 Realms Series!

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Are you ready for some exciting updates? Good! 

The Fifth Realm Audiobook By Michael Chatfield cover art

First off, The Fifth realm Audiobook is finally complete! You can grab it right now from Patreon until April 15th, when it should be out on Audible and iTunes. 

Listen on any app (or on the Bookfunnel app, whatever is easiest) for only $20 instead of $30 on Audible!

Become a Patron!

By becoming a Patron, you’ll also get access to sneak peeks of the latest audiobook as they’re recording it! You’ll also get snippets of the latest ebook in the rough, so what are you waiting on?

Next, I’m releasing The 7th Realm Part 1 in early July, and I’m hoping to get the 7th realm Part 2 out in August. That way, everyone can read through without a long wait in between sections! 

I hope you’re all excited for the 7th realm! I sure as hell am!!

And finally, the team and I have been looking at ways to get you a premium paperback or hardcover version of the Two Week Curse without breaking the bank.

At the moment, we’re looking to pair with Kickstarter later in the year to try and get that done. If you’d like to contribute when the time comes, stay tuned to your emails for updates! 

That’s it for now! Thank you for your support, and I look forward to creating new (and exciting) stories for you! 

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