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Current Projects:

Emerilia: The Trapped Mind Project

Austin had it all, money, fame and an asteroid mining firm. What he didn’t have was a way to escape his success. His friends despised him for his status, his family hated him for not giving them handouts.
He was the face of the Rock Breakers Corporation. Even with the United States pressuring him with taxes he found a way to escape. He played the game Emerilia, the newest and first Virtual reality game.
People ran off to grind mobs, to fight bosses, form guilds and go on raids.
Dave just wanted to get away from it all, to create a place removed from humanity, where he could build and live in peace.
Little does he know of Emerilia’s true purpose or the reason that he has caught the eye of the unknown god.
He’s a bleeder, the first of his kind an anomaly in the statistics. He is able to pierce the veil, to see Emerilia for what it really is.

What’s the best way to handle slaves? You trick them into thinking that they’re free.