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The Pantheon Moves

Coming: October 24th 2017

Wins and losses, there is no time to celebrate or mourn.

The Pantheon in the chaos has once again risen to power, some trying to take power from one another, others supporting the people of Emerilia.

As the people of Emerilia finally getting ahead of the war against the Event of Myths and Legends of those that were spawned in and those that entered through portals. The Pantheon once again displays their might.

Win or lose, there are no other paths open to the people of Emerilia.

Beyond All Expectations Emerilia 8

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Time of Change is back up!

Hi everyone! Time of Change is now back on the Kindle store, check it out here

Time of Change out on Amazon!

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Beyond All Expectations


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Release date: August 8th 2017

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This is Our Land Emerilia 5 Available on Amazon

This is Our Land Emerilia 5 Available on Amazon!

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