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Emerilia is under siege. As the Terra Alliance undergoes a baptism of fire with the event of myths and legends, it seems everyone has plans for the future.

The Emperor has spoke and the portals are opening. The Event  is larger than anyone anticipated. Emerilia and it’s people are ravaged by war, the survivors must band together in order to survive.

The Jukal Empire isn’t the only one that has started moving, the Pantheon is coming to a showdown, rising from ancient tales, this war is going to be like nothing Emerilia has ever seen.

Party Zero stand with the Terra Alliance and the people of Emerilia. They know the truth of Emerilia and the forces arrayed against them, they’ve made it their home, the stone Raiders their guild  they’ve changed and pushed the boundaries of what was thought possible.

Strap on those swords and check your mana potions, it’s time Emerilia fought back.