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The Victor’s know nothing but war. It has shaped them and changed them in ways that they didn’t think possible.

Now is not the time to lament on the friends lost, the wounds gained. The medics might be able to patch them up, but they can’t heal their minds.

Harmony is making their play for Earth and the Troopers will be there to greet them. The Victors are finally going home over two hundred years since they left for Sacremon.

The last system-wide battle between the EHC and Harmony is about to begin.



Chapter 1

EMFC Fearless

Fernix system moving to Sol system



Mark looked over his three regiments. He had come far since he’d joined the EMF. The rank tabs on his shoulder marked him as a Major. The scars that lined his body and the rack of medals stuffed in the bottom of his locker were a testament to the battlefields he had survived.

He had fought alongside most of his regiment for the better part of two years on Fernix. Some he had fought with since Masoul, two wars and over a century in the past.

To him it had been just a matter of years. Cryostasis had held him in limbo for hundreds of years, only awoken to fight the next enemy of the corporations that ruled Earth and Her Colonies.

He had fought on Sacremon, one of the bloodiest uprisings in the EHC’s history. That was before the war with Harmony had started. He had been on every planet, and in the middle of some of the worst battles against the political/religious group that called themselves Harmony’s Chosen.

The nightmares and the missing faces from those battles plagued his memories every night. He looked to his second in command, Force Sergeant Major Dominguez, who had been beside him since Masoul. They had started off as Master Corporal and Corporal.

Now they were leading and entire force of two Regiments.

“They look like shit,” Mark said, his voice gruff as his hard eyes swept them. Captains Alexis and Ko were standing at attention in front of their companies.

“Sure you aren’t looking in the mirror,” Dominguez replied, looking over to her commanding officer.

Mark snorted, a rare smile spreading across his face.

They had been pulled off of Fernix in a hurry, just as they had on Osdal. Mark was getting pissed off with not finishing what he’d started. He wanted to follow through and destroy the Harmony fighters that called themselves ‘Chosen’.

They had been given the best of the best, as their carrier and three others were travelling as fast as they could for Sol. Harmony had roped in the EMF to fight the systems that had openly rebelled and they were now heading straight for Earth.

It was the job of the Troopers to get to Earth, create a plan for defense, and destroy Harmony’s forces before they got a foothold on Earth.

If they didn’t, then the EHC could fall. If it did, then Mark knew the first order of Harmony would be to hunt down the Troopers.

“Alright you lazy bastards, my name is Mark,” Mark said, hearing whispers and mutterings of Diablo and Triple Twos in the ranks. They were quickly silenced.

“We’re not here to look pretty or parade around like those fucks in Mega City. We’ve been given the honor of crushing what remains of Harmony,” Mark growled, seeing more than one hard face look to him in anticipation. They had all lost someone to Harmony and they were eager to pay the bastards back in kind.

“We will take the lessons learned from fighting all across the EHC, and I will turn you into the killers that you can be. You are going to fucking hate me. You’re going to wonder why I’m such a prick for training you this hard. You’ve proved yourselves on Fernix, right? You may, you may not, I don’t give a flying fuck. You are now my Force. Some of you may of heard of my brother Tyler,” there were a few nods and eyes flicking in interest at him. “Well, seems that he’s got a Force too, and it seems that he wants to challenge us. He says that his people are better than you. I want to prove him wrong. I want to show Every. Single. Trooper. That Force Three is not to be fucked with. You do your best, you push yourselves, and I will do everything in my power to deliver you right into the heart of those Harmony bastards. Till then, we train, we learn. You thought you knew your Powered Armor before? I’m going to make you forget how to walk without Powered Armor. You will be Powered Armor. Do we have an agreement?” Mark asked, looking at those ranks, holding eyes of those that looked back at him.

“Yes sir!” They yelled.

“Holy fuck, is there a pair of ovaries and balls between the lot of you?” He demanded, in the kind of voice that he had learned from training Troopers as a Sergeant.

“Yes sir!”

“I thought you got me Troopers, not fucking cleaners,” Mark said to Dominguez.

“Alright you lazy sacks of wasted air!” Dominguez bellowed, her voice even outdoing Mark’s. “Use your fucking lungs like the Chosen are coming at you! Do you agree to the Major’s offer?”

“YES SIR!” They barked.

Mark looked them over, veterans to a person, all trained killers. He would take their skills and add to them, form them from their various units into a single cohesive force.

He smiled; it was a dark thing.

“I think I felt something tingle, might just have been a breeze,” Mark said. Like the men and women that had come before them, he would make them his own and he would become theirs.

He saw those that he had fought with again.

“Leave is over, time to get back to work. Stand at ease!” The Troopers moved from their stiff positions to one where they could move more freely. “Captains, see to your regiments,” Mark said, turning and leaving with Dominguez.

Alexis and Ko, Mark’s two Captains, took over, pulling their people into a semi-circle. They all hated standing around doing parade shit.

“What do you think?” Dominguez asked, looking to Mark.

“They’ll make fine killers,” Mark said.

“That they will,” Dominguez said, a wicked expression spreading across her face.