Asha was the daughter of former Ambassador to the United Kingdom and Senate candidate Dave Banbury, daughter to business woman, Evelyn Banbury, CEO of Grow Corp.

Her life was a mess of her looking after her brother and trying to stay out of the limelight.

With the outbreak her parents and the protection she’d known all her life disappeared.

She took her brother and they crossed from Fresno California to Denver Colorado, where the first Grow Corp Tower was located.

She and her brother got the tower running and gave Denver the stability it needed. As the outbreak ended as soon as it had started people started to try and forget the virus had ever happened and that five billion people had died.

Though something was different, there were whispers and rumors. It seemed humanity had been pushed too far and some people thought that super-heroes existed.

Asha paid it no attention until she had a meeting with one of these people with powers.

Asha was one of them, the virus wasn’t an accident, it was an attack, and another was coming.


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