1. I just picked up Emerilia box set 1-3 and am really enjoying it. I just wanted to mention that your character registry at the end of book 1 might get you in trouble with amazon. They would see the 1 character per page as a way to falsely increase number of pages read. Similar to what happened to authors who had links which would skip to the end of the book. I hope this is well received and I look forward to readin more of your work!

  2. First big thank on box sets. I did have questions what is limited time. I assume First box set will drop from Kindle Unlimited when next books set is released, but will you keep price to buy. also what time frame when other box sets will release, don’t want to start reading until I have them all. I want to buy complete series will that ever be a book set. thanks love your books

  3. just saw have new book commuting out in your new series out this month. I’m holding of reading that series until Fifth Realm out. You said end of summer, in USA that usual mean August when school starts. So do you have a firmer date on your Realm book.

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