OUT NOW! A Skeleton With A Heart- Death Knight Series

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He went by many names, Guardian Legion Commander, the Tree Knight, A member of the Order of Light. The Clan Spirit Champion, the Dragon Tamer, Phoenix Rider, shadow Whisperer and Friend of the Fairies, oh, and Anthony. He died in a war forgotten, removed from the history books. So he has rested for centuries in the dark. And then. Someone had the audacity to wake him up from his nap! Come on, is nothing sacred anymore?

Aila Wranoris is a princess of the Underdark in the Northern reaches of the Stoha Mountains. The Dark Elves have remained out of the war that has ground to a halt between the Humans and the Beast-Kin. Now, in their research they have found signs of mysterious ‘doorways’. She is sent to the Deepwood in the South, between the lands of Radal in the West held by the humans and Selenus in the East, controlled by the Beast-Kin.

And she just woke up a Death Knight, though this one looks like he might have hit his skull a few times and a heart beats within his chest.

Their adventure has only begun.

Anthony! Put on your armor and stop using your ribs as a Xylophone! You’re freaking out the Dark Elf.

Lets see if they can make it?

Warning this is a SHORT book!!


  1. Apologies, I very much enjoy your 10 realms books but I must give my standard response to a post like this.
    Please finish what you start before posting a new series. Far to often your loyal readers are left to languish for the next hit of your main story and when they see proof of your unfaithfulness rage ensues. Keep this sort of thing in your back pocket once you finish all 10 realms. then release it as a start to a new series.
    As children we were scarred by Robert Jordan dieing before he finished his, very drawn out, work. It gets worse as every new Litrpg by an untested author may bee a permanent cliff hanger in the making.
    Please, Do one thing and keep at it, I promise to buy your new 10 realms book as soon as you release it!

    • Well Ten realms is going to take like another year or 2 to finish by the math I’ve done, I’m writing multiple series at the same time because I find that it increases my word count, a change is as as good as a break. 5th will be out in a few months and 6th should be out in 2019. I finished the Emerilia series and every series I’ve started so far, I wouldn’t put out a book in the series unless I wanted to get to the end and finish it all up.

      • It’s good to know it will be a few months for the next ten realms novel. I can stop checking daily. Glad to hear that you plan another ten realms to be out in 2019. Off to try your skeleton with a heart. : )

  2. Awesome new series dude, Anthony’s a hoot’n half ,so yeah I really Want more. But what I really Really NEED is more Ten Realms bro. Any eta on the next book would be greatly appreciated.

  3. any ETA on fifth realm

  4. Any time table on third Realm Audiobook?

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