1. Finished it yesterday and enjoyed it a lot. One question are they going to stop by the second realm to check in on the old man and his granddaughter like he tried to do with the blue leaf manager.

  2. Great read. Left 5 star review. I must say I’ve been in a slump. Nothing sound good even authors I read before. First book read this month and finished, just wanted this book so much. Now after I’ve read all that sound good is book 4…so any ETA on upcoming books. I hope to have an Xmas book or two.

  3. Finished reading book 3, just 10 minutes ago and i left 5 stars on my review. i have been waiting for this book patiently and now i cannot wait for book 4, The Fourth Realm. I really love the Ten Realm Series, Like I love the Emerilia and the Harmony Wars, and don’t forget The Maraukian War Series. I would really appreciate it if there is an ETA on Book 4 The Fourth Realm. Loved the cover designs of book 4 on the T shirts. 5 stars. Thank You.

  4. Just looked and saw book 5 of the maraukian war release date is posted I know it’s longer for the realms but do hope fourth realm comes out before xmas

    • when oh when please???

    • Before Christmas would be great, although I am prepared to wait for the next in this great series. Fourth Realm promises to be exciting, will we see the comeuppance of the Wilfull Institute? What will happen with Lord Aditya and Vermire?

      So many questions.

  5. Happy turkey day

  6. If Rugrats mom doesn’t show up in realm 5 as a Master chef/Portal mage then you have failed.

  7. Really love the novel, though I’m getting lost with a few side characters. Would you consider adding a character list for the Special Teams and main characters then listing their profession? With 3 different worlds, a minimum of 4 sub plots, and all of the special teams it can get a little confusing.

  8. Any ETA on Fourth Realm…..do we have a chance for a xmas gift????

  9. Fyi On the War Path is out early just download. Not realm but still good series

  10. Just became a pattern supported and read so e of the forth coming Fourth Realm and all I can say is it can say is it can’t come fast enough for me, the small little glimpses leave me hungry for more!

  11. Hey I was curious if and when abouts you plan on doing the audio version of Emerilia 9: Of Myth and Legends? I bought and listened to all 8 of the other audiobooks you’ve already released multiple times and can’t wait till the next one comes out.

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