New Book Release! Michael Chatfield and Dawn Chapman!

New book out now!!


The game never changes, only the players do.
Others might call it rebellion, call it cowardice. The vanguard will not forgive, nor will they forget. Their trust lays with one another, in those that have shed blood with them and joined the net.
Empires, government, leaders, alliances, planets, corporations, many have fallen in humanities past.
Now a new Empire will stand on the shoulders of the vanguard, the troopers, the people of tricticus and the Victor Corporation.
Their goal, survive and defend those they care for by any means necessary.


  1. It’s out it’s out…….

  2. Left 5 star review, it seemed longer than the others or just tired. Read in one setting till dawn. Amazon dint have page count but file size. Now that was the snack hole the meals comes out soon. Like this series but LOVE the realms.

  3. Third Realm please. Eta

  4. Michael, is there a way that you can see something we highlight on a kindle? I highlighted something that looks like a typo but not sure if you can see it or if I should message you where it is. I am also curious when the next ten realms book is coming out along with when the audiobook is coming out if you know.

    • You would have to report it to kindle and then sometimes they send me a message about it. It might take some time for me to get the information, but I will and I can alter it afterwards πŸ™‚ 2 weeks till the next ten realms book and looking to start having audiobooks out on December 1st! πŸ™‚

      • K I will look it up and report it to kindle. I am looking forward to the next ten realms book. I just finished re-reading them thinking the next one was coming out this week. I am going to start re-reading the maraukian war books again.

  5. Two week wait more like two week curse….haha. I can’t believe how much I like the realm books and crave the next. I was going back and forth about rereading first two books. They not been out long so I figure get bored with parts. Was shocked how well I enjoyed the second read of book one. I’m a third way through book two and I’m still staying up instead of sleeping on a re-read???? Damm I’m cursed

  6. I can’t wait will give me something to read while at work. Michael how would one go about becoming a beta reader for you?

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