Little Clarification

So, just wanted to make sure to get this out there.


The Harmony War Series comes before the Maraukian War Series.

They involve the same characters and build off of one another.

So if you’re finding it a bit disconcerting, that might be the reason… Had a few people asking about it and wanted to make it clear.

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  1. I second that read harmony war first. Even I had to go back and read last part of the last book in harmony war. Tenth Awakens takes little bit get into the new grove. It first part I was feeling it was just an ok book. I keep on reading because I felt some of my feeling were do to death of a man charter. Plus felt it abandoned the growth and what I felt was building at earth with the gang s and shipyard. However the book keep getting better, I ended up give a 5 star review. Can’t wait for next boom. Keep searching for it hoping it show up early. I’m getting my treat early this Halloween.

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