1. had issues with downloading it had to get amazon help not sure why it wouldn’t download but I got it now to read

  2. Yea I had to search under title, not under you author page or listed under series. I had this before most often when released a day early. However it’s not posting my review even with email saying it went live

  3. I saw empire by chance and i immediately bought it and just finished reading it. and it is awesome, the story is heating up, i love it can’t wait for the next one. no problems with the downloading but my reviews were not there. so i will write another one after i reread it again. Mr. Chatfield your number 1. Keep up the awesome work.

  4. I feel like a kid in the back of the car asking are we there yet…when next book….my bday is Oct 8 hole hope hopeπŸ˜‚

  5. I have a question and maybe a request. First I know why many LITRPG authors left KIndle Unlimited., and I understand. Your to good for me not to buy your books and your prices are good pages vs price. However I’m on a budget and I’m a re-reader. I’ve read 1st part of Trapped Mind Project series three times. Your realm books are so good they leave me a craving. I almost re-read first two, but still to soon, might just before book 3. However this has made me think of TMP. I will want to re-read so here the question. Any plans on returning to KU for that series. The request is if not any plans to bundle the series at reduce cost.

    • Yeah I couldn’t really abide by a system that clear cut half of a month’s earnings for reasons unknown, that said! I will be looking at doing bundles but it will be later in the year, just have a lot of things being worked on right now and don’t want to half ass it πŸ™‚ If you have the books in your KU library you can re-read them as much as possible, it’s only when you remove them that they’re gone for good. All of my sci-fi series are in KU so those books are still available. Another option is that I have book giveaways pretty frequently so there’s a pretty high chance of getting the first book in the series out of one of those contests!

      • After what happened to MSE I started buying the books for authors and series I like. When I don’t know the author I use kindle if I can.

      • I thought was because of the banning of authors. How were the cutting payments. If don’t want to say that’s ok.

        • So KU payments aren’t finalized until they’re sent essentially. They saw ‘suspicious activity’. No idea what they were seeing, but as a measure they went in and chopped my KU reads, so 50 books read turned into 25 books read and I will never see that money nor do I have a way to ask for that money back. Now that was over a month, so all of my sales got shopped, so say by example I sold 75 books, nah amazon doesn’t think so, here’s 25 and you be happy with it, at least you didn’t get banned… That’s their tactics.

  6. I’ve been thinking about Amazon and Kindle Unlimited for awhile. After the banning in July I started paying more attention. I notice you and several authors I read on one web site, I think it was Peter Grant or links on his post. After July was an very with Amazon and supported many author’s by buying there books. Also stared leaving review after each book I finished, and on LITRPG books made comments about the banning. I owned a video store for over 10 years and like Amazon was dominated buy Wal-Mart or blockbuster. So I viewed authors as small business fighting against unfair giant… I was killed buy a new giant netflix and red box. So you authors have my sympathy.

  7. That said I’m now a customer of Netflix because of convince. I fell Amazon wrong and like peter grant post Amazon is trying to force authors to KU. I’m still a Kindle Unlimited user. I saw many angry comments about Amazon at the time so as I said I bought many books. However I’m on medicinal leave over a year now (eye surgery) so I read about a book a day. Could never do that without KU. So after I bought some I realized many authors out there not worth the money they ask. There not edited or polished, or price vs page count. After realizing this felt guilty about the authors getting cheated. Then it hit me, without KU or Amazon there be no independent authors, and I never found you or many others. So now try to always leave a review to support authors.

  8. Just make clear your one of the half dozen KU authors that I do buy, and don’t mind. I don’t now how you do it. On Peter Grant post I found it fascinating how industry change. How some authors write a quick as they can and no polishing. KU turned writing into volume business. I figure after long break you had several books near ready. You books are to damming good to come out so fast. I forget to mention one other thought. Before Amazon I had 3 to 4 authors I would spend hard cover prices. And half dozen paper back. So so ask myself why I’m making a big deal over $4 to $5 or even less. Then I realized I lived at the used book store. KU s the replacement of the used book store. At least with KU many new authors can publish and the get some money. Like how I found you on KU i found David Weber books at used store, then bought his new books on hardcover price. It’s funny I don’t spend the money on the last honor book because cost vs review. He has two more on pre book, at 10 and 15. I decided not to buy, another way Amazon changed the industry.

    • Interesting comparisons and they do make sense, especially over the longevity of a book, people are more willing to go KU than buy I see. I try to write as much as possible, everything I do is to try and write more and make sure that I don’t have to cut it all out in the edits! At this point it takes me as long to write a book as it takes to get them edited so I try to have one book edited and pushed out, then feed another to the editor (She’s awesome!). I write a lot to challenge myself and also because I want to challenge a few people by the time I kick my boots I want to have a crazy amount of books, but books with good stories. Books are incredible, if the characters can come alive, the world become physical and the universe mind expanding, well that’s my drug. I love getting lost in them, breaking from reality. I would rather write 3 story driven books than 30, but since I’ve got a few ideas rattling around in the old skull, I want to try and do both. I’m future proofing, even if another distributor falls, then readers can find my books somewhere and I won’t wake up one morning and everything has been shut down. It’ll hurt the old wallet, but, I came into this to write stories, it only became a business after that and I will keep on writing no matter what.

  9. Like I said your a great author. I’d pay $ 10.00 for any of the realm books. And I’m passing on David Weber new honor book and waiting until 14.99 goes cheaper. I just feel some other author and readers taking the anti Amazon to the point of hurting themselves. My store was in small town near a lake. Had many customers say i had the best deals even from the big city’s. I figured good customer service would get me though it. Closed same year as blockbuster. My giant was killed by a even bigger one. How many readers upset about Amazon killing book stores, about as many who were about my store. Both were not enough to live and all of them will shop with what we hate. South Park episode about Wal-Mart is so true, we are the heart of Wal-Mart. We gave Amazon the power. They gave us downloading book at 3am and kids of independent authors. Most not as good as traditional authors but good enough. That’s are society now cheap but good enough. My family VCR from the 80s lasted 20 years. Now lucky if two year’s from my DVD…..side note I’m to old my kindle ask to add VCR to my dictionary😭😭😭. PS my step mom from Argentina and my dad and friends hunt down there. I hear it’s great place. Amazon page said from your from Canada are you visiting or did you move. My old top author W.E.B. Griffin lived down there. The $ goes a long way. Great place for an author.

    • Yeah I felt it possible for me to stick up for the other smaller retailers and hopefully bring them content to remove some power from Amazon, it’ll take time but I can wait πŸ™‚ Yeah, faster and more up to date well one only needs to look at Moore’s law. I was just visiting for a bit with friends. I live up in Canada most of the time. Their economy is looking a bit wonky right now, I hope it gets sorted out.

  10. First I like to thank you for your response to my post. I had another question about Amazon. It seems like most of the problems are just LITRPG authors. Do you have any theory why. I have not notice anything on the more traditional SiFi authors sites

    • the third realm will be out in november, and not planning on any back to back releases any time soon! πŸ˜› So my running theory is that because the readers read so fast constantly, it trips the machines into thinking that there are bots reading. I’m thinking that when the system says it should take 4 hours to read this book and people read it in 1 then Amazon is like ‘they can’t be human!’ and it is happening repeatedly with a lot of readers, trips something up :/

      • That makes a lot of sense. I am skip most of the stats part, especially latter in book as they grow. Plus ill skip or speed read the leveling parts or with some the excess sex. I’m more focused on story than leveling. Take last book In The Land, I was surprised that it listed as 1000 page long. The as I read it showed to be full of pages of states. That’s why I like your LITRPG more story and planning than leveling

      • its just too good to read slowly /(“-“)/

  11. Over the hump for October. Any eta on books. I’ve had a bad spell with books lately. Just can’t get into them. Looking forward to your next books.

    • Got the 4th book of the Maraukian War series coming out on the 30th and then book 3 of the ten realms should be in early November πŸ™‚

      • Thank god because I can’t find anything worth reading. Any suggestions for stuff like yours MSE always was good because he put a book out a week. Need something for the weekend while I am working 4 weeks straight without a day off and can’t find anything to catch my attention to read.

        • For Sci-fi, anything David Weber, John Ringo, Jack Campbell, Jay Allan of course, but less known names that are friggin awesome, check out Jamie McFarlane, Rod Carstens (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00K5CC7E0/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_hsch_vapi_taft_p1_i7) Such a damn good military scifi series, gritty like the Victor’s tale I would suggest this if you’re enjoying Maraukian War. I’ve also taken a shining to the fugitive marines by David Ryker and Douglas scott. Also Cosmio Yap has a great series The GAM3. for litrpg try Apollos Thorne, Dave Willmarth, Blaise Corvin, Dakota Krout, James Hunter to name a few πŸ™‚

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