Maraukian War New Release!

The Vanguard Emerges is now live on Amazon:


Earth and her colonies are not alone.


Politics, discussions and alliances. Mark doesn’t care about any of it. When did it matters when the artillery falls and blood is spilled?


All that matters is who stands beside you when blood is spilled and hell lays all around you.


Centurion Victor, has a nice ring to it, Major Victor, Corporal Victor, Private Victor, his path has not been a short one. Brothers and sisters have fallen beside him, casualties of war.

He thought Tyler and Alexis were just casualties of war, he accepted that.


Politics, discussions and alliances, killed them and should have killed him. Mark Victor is on a warpath, a path that leads to the top.


The secretive Roma Union has stepped forward.  The warlike Maraukian’s are coming and humanity must rally together or shatter into oblivion.  

Alliances, position, power, when a Victor has your name and a blood debt to be paid, it will be paid.


  1. Man that was quick. Middle of a new series so once I finish l will download real quick

  2. Even better than the first. So not to be a pain but eta on next book or books.

  3. Sound pretty fast two. The realms books are longer so makes since. Thanks for update

  4. I was wondering if plans on anything more from ether for free fleet or trapped mind project. Like both and always wonder about what next. However I’m loving the realm books, best work so far. Plus the tenth is getting better each book, they help with the wait on the realms

  5. Also I read a review saying that adding to many characters take away from telling the two main characters. However this is what I love about the series it has everything. I always like the action, but love the building and planning. LITRPG call it city building, it’s one reason I read prepping books before read trapped mind project ( my first LITRPG) always like the planning. With LITRPG the planning keeps going, in prepping book planning usually end with event. Plus I like realistic prepping, being self sufficient. To many start ok just to ten foil hat on you.

    • I think there’s going to be a lot of converging and dividing between Erik/Rugrat/people outside of Alva and Alva. It also is a nice change in pace and we can see the development of the Dungeon and the strength of everyone increasing. I agree I like seeing the, oh dayum might have taken longer, but the result is sweet! 😀 If you’ve played city builders, then the parties that are leaving and coming back to Alva are trader caravans in the beginning or the scouts finding resources and materials, bringing them back, possibilities to increase the expansion of the city which can lead to some really fun times, also adds in danger, if they raise too much attention then someone might come looking. Thanks for the support and don’t worry there will continue to be a large cast! 😀

  6. i have always loved the Victors and the Family. Always 5 stars to me. Thank you, you are an awesome author. But… Erik and Rugrat is my new favorite. I have re-read the books multiple times and i want more. I can’t wait for the Third Realm. Would Rugrat be able to make a magical rifle or pistol? Call it Magically Accelerated Carbine Kinetic or MACK. Like a Magical RailGun… Anyways I love your books and keep up the good work. Thank You.

    • Thanks dude! 😀 Rugrat has some plans moving forwards… though he just has smithing right now his knowledge of formations is lacking butt might get some cool new toys 🙂 Have to wait and see they haven’t entered the battlefield realm yet!

  7. I have another question on the tenth series. What made you decide to kill off one of the Victor brothers. Was a happy when I saw it was out, but was slow start because the loss of a major charter. Plus went somewhere else with the plot I thought that you were building with the yard and the grow house. However the yard play and grow houses plot came out in book two just not earth. That still leaves the kill of of a Victor brother, a Big a risk. I remember at first half, I said to myself was just going to 4 stars. Because I love your other books, and was Kindle Unlimited. Also I loved first book of Realms book so much more. At the end you won me over, and gave it 5 star’s. Just wondering.

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