1. So I caught up on my sleep after two great books back to back. I want just say thanks for still using Kindle Unlimited on non LITRPG stories. On my reviews of your books (5star) I wright that I hope Amazon will fix it, plus recommend people try your other books. Hope it helps, been trying to do more reviews to help the authors I like. Your on the top part of the list. Your trapped mind project was one of my first LITRPG. Now I’m hooked!!!

  2. Now I have a questions. Your trapped mind series had a book about every 4 to 6 week. I was amazed how quickly the next book came. It felt like it was flowing out of you and had to get to the end. After that you went quite, at the time figure you were brunt out. The Harmony spin off was only thing on you Wed site and it had a very long due date. So I was wondering if you write most of a series out then published or published as you write them. If I remember right your harmony books took longer than trapped mind. So can you tell when the next books are commuting in both series and how quickly. Realm books look to match trapped mind. Which blows my mind there better and longer.

    • So Harmony and Emerilia were written and published as quickly as possible. With Harmony I changed editors a lot which slowed things down. For Emerilia I found a good editor and ran with her and it allowed me to write instead of dealing with trying to find a new person every other week. The Maraukian War Series I worked on with a co-writer so I wanted to dedicate time to it, make sure it was all good to go before putting it out (saved up some books to make sure they were good enough for the readers). The ten realms series I’m just writing as it’s coming out,so I’m working on book 3 right now. It will take longer to put out, at 100,000 words right now and I think this has about another 100,000 to go! Though I can concentrate on writing only which speeds things up, and allow me to take on other projects… but there will be more on that later πŸ˜‰

  3. Take your time on The Third Realm, dude. The logical power progression of Realm hopping is much more entertaining than the typical empowerment fantasy where someone presses a button and enables God mode.

    Going up one realm reminds me of MMOROG expansions where in the space of a day everyone is wearing trash gear better than your epics. And in my mind the best part of these books is the protagonist / hero hacking the system and creating novel solutions and legitimately earning rewards rather than just having them handed to him.

    It makes sense that IMHO the tenth realm will result in an epic battle of some kind between equally powerful groups. So it’s going to be all about good tactics and outsmarting their opponents. I don’t know what your plan actually is but so far it’s been an enjoyable ride. As a fan my request is take all the time you need to retain the quality of the first two books.

    Having said that if you need a beta tester, my real email is attached to this comment. πŸ˜‰

    • YES! So it was my sneaky way to have expansions and growth in the game, have brand new world changes total planet changes and it makes sense πŸ˜€ There won’t be a god mode…. though as they get higher others will get access to more information… meaning that they might not be the only people with advanced body/mana cultivation so it’s going to get a lot harder quick.

      I’m really looking forward to how people in Alva operate, they’ve got power, yes, but everyone around them ias as strong if not stronger in another aspect, keeps them humble compared to someone that is a high level in a realm and then just thinks of themselves as some psuedo god. Also changes their fighting from duels and one on one battles to group on one battles. Who cares about fair if they win?

      The series is going to just take a long time to write, book 3 is at or over the 120k mark (600 pages) and I’ve still probably got another 300-400 pages to go! πŸ™‚

      I have spots for beta readers right now, so people that read ahead but also help me to correct any mistakes I might have left behind. Would this interest you?

  4. Awesome series great characters once again and a storyline that has all the things I enjoy about gaming. Just a couple of things 1) what’s up with Quin and the other girl who was cursed. 2) DRONES I was hoping Rugrat would have tried creating something like that it would have given them better Recon capabilities especially on the Metal floor before going down their. It’s easy to make these sorts of observations from the side. Still great reading and I look forward to reading the next installment of β€œThe Ten Realms β€œ .

    • Well they have beasts that they can train and spells for drones and recons, can be found also, need to find the spells for the magical route. Night Terror used by Lucinda is a good example. With them they’re still trying to find their own path, we’ll have to wait and see what they do, I have no clue either, I just kind of sit back and watch the characters now πŸ™‚

  5. Still nerding out over these books so one thing I’ve been wondering about is when/if the two MCs encounter others from Earth. Our MCs have their training and each other to keep themselves grounded. I guess it comes down to the human condition and waiting and seeing where your story will take us the readers. I can see how some may thrive, others fail, and some become the villian. Heh, I know the realms are huge but the nerd in me is curious how something like that might play out. Thank you for another great series!

  6. Zachariah Reinmuth

    June 3, 2019 at 4:07 pm

    When does book 3 come out on Audible

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