The Pantheon Moves

Coming: October 24th 2017

Wins and losses, there is no time to celebrate or mourn.

The Pantheon in the chaos has once again risen to power, some trying to take power from one another, others supporting the people of Emerilia.

As the people of Emerilia finally getting ahead of the war against the Event of Myths and Legends of those that were spawned in and those that entered through portals. The Pantheon once again displays their might.

Win or lose, there are no other paths open to the people of Emerilia.


  1. that is right after my birthday so thanks for the present!!

  2. Ever think of having Dave creating a free peoples pantheon as him as the head with the power over spirit and souls and magic/reality itself?

    • Oh and great books, you really did a great job and I really like how you set it up so that the players use the game features as a tool

    • Can’t say I have, that kind of infrastructure would just be Damn hard to make πŸ˜›

      • Oh I understand, it’s most likely hard enough as it keeping things smooth but I read one of your posts and got the answer when you say Dave is going to step up in some ways. Thanks for replying and for your great books.

  3. So excited for the next book. They always get me hooked

  4. Is it still out today?

  5. Is this book still coming out today st some point? The description over on the books actual page says the 24th.

  6. What Tim today will it be available?

  7. Re-reading the series before digging into book 10 as I love the entire series, but I have to ask if you intentionally switched destroyers and battleships in the size categories?

    re: “battleships are good for close-in defense and patrols but not for slug it out. That will be the destroyer’s job.”

    • Uhh where might you have seen that? Think I might need to do a wee bit of editing on that…

      • Book 8, chapter 13 section 3. I noticed later in the book the references switched back to more traditional sizes but this section has them flipped.

        If you search for “not for slug it out” this section is the only one in the book with that phrase.

        Finished book 10 last night, loving the series, well done.

  8. Hey is there a reason it audiobooks for volumes 5-11 are not avail on Amazon?

    • Hi Shawn!

      They are all in the pipeline, it takes my Narrator about 2 weeks to record everything and upload it, then can take from 2 weeks to 2 months for Audible to okay things. This was why Book 3 and 4 were just a week apart but book 2 and 3 were nearly a month and a half :/ All of them will be out eventually! πŸ™‚

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