1. I can’t purchase book 7. It says that it is unavailable on my Kindle. Is there a reason? I rreeeeaaaayyyy wanna read it!!!

  2. Doesn’t seem to be available for download! On Amazon.de it’s listed as “not available”. On Amazon.com I didn’t see a kindle version…

  3. The Kindle Edition disappeared from Amazon, all I see is the paperback now. Just finished book 6 and really looking forward to book 7.

  4. Hi – Loving the Emerilia series – but has something broken on the amazon kindle setup – it only shows me a paperback version Time of Change – no kindle option at all (on either U.K. or US sites – and the links from this here don’t work either. Have managed to download a sample – but no luck on the full book!! Or is it paperback only :-(. Or is it just me with the problem? 🙁
    Thought I’d let you know in case it is affecting more than just me – can’t wait to get the next book. Awesome stuff!!

  5. Austin Wetzel

    July 30, 2017 at 9:49 pm

    Time of Change was another enjoyable installment to the Emerellia saga.. Unfortunately the kindle version is not currently available. Hopefully that will be corrected soon so I can read it again before book 8 releases.

  6. The Amazon link is going to an error page.

  7. Time of Change Emerilia 7 appears to have been removed from Amazon, will there be a re-release?

  8. This link doesn’t seem to work and I can’t find Time of Change in kindle format on Amazon at all. Is it only available in printed format?

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