1. Yay!
    (Typo on the topic, s/5/6/ )

  2. Almost cried when I saw this. I think this series is the best that I’ve read ever because of the way you don’t have the main character follow the basic journey.

  3. Has anyone heard when the audiobook is going to be out been checking all week and haven’t seen anything.

    • I wish I could give a solid answer to this, it’s with ACX right now, could be 10 days, could be 3 weeks, they haven’t given me any sort of timeline unfortunately.

  4. I am not sure what acx is but I get it lol. I am looking forward to listening to the books, I noticed that Aleron Kong has the same issue with not being able to give an exact date but its kind of nice when you check for books and you find one you want without expecting it.

  5. Found it tonight do you know if you are going to do the other books in audio?

  6. Any rough estimate of when book 7 will release?

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