1. Andrew Kennelley

    April 24, 2017 at 10:48 pm

    This made my day you have no idea

  2. Same I woke up saw an email saying it was available and started downloading it gripping the whole time it took lol less than a min but still annoyed it took so long. How does Dave stack up against the rest of squad zero or even one of the gods.

  3. Benny Eugene Floyd

    May 2, 2017 at 2:05 am

    Excellent read! Of course staying up until 0240 to finish it wasn’t the best but I HAD to finish it! Now I just need more!

  4. How many more books are planned for this series?

  5. woot so 5 more can’t wait to see what Dave does next. When is the next one don’t want to rush you but I am so looking forward to them.

  6. I really enjoy your Emerilia books. Can I look forward to the next one in June?

  7. Michael,
    First I want to start off by saying that I really enjoy your Emerilia, It is in my meager opinion one of the best in the LitRPG stories in the genre, and one of the leading contenders for the face of the genre for U.S/Canada. (You may be British but you live in Canada, so we own you now. :D) However, to give an honest evaluation, this 5th installment was not quite up to par with the quality of story development seen in your previous books in the series. It felt a bit rushed and the whole situation with the corrupt noble is just drawn out too much, while Im glad you didn’t try to add both it and the demon army story arc, back to back in the same book, in the words of Bilbo Baggins it felt like butter scraped over to much bread. On top of that the way you talked about the great alliance that is forming, made it seem like the up and coming battle will just be a minor footnote and not a major event. With that said I just want to finish by saying, keep up the good work. I look forward to you next book, but please for the love of all that is holy, do not make the same mistake that, D. Rus did with the Play to Live series. Pace yourself, if the story you want to write takes 10 or more books then do that. I think I can speak for all your fans when I say we are you with you for the long haul.
    Cody Ray

    • Thanks Cody! With This is Our Land my original thought was to just go battle crazy, but we’ve had a lot of fighting and I wanted to let the Stone Raider’s have some down time. Sooo about not rushing this… Well originally I was thinking that 8 books might do it… However the characters simply don’t like listening and so we’re looking at somewhere in the range of 10-12 books! 😀 At least that’s the plan for now, I swear Party Zero likes to just come up with stuff so I have to rush around like a headless chicken to get it all solved! Haha I’m loving the series as well so I’m going to take as many books as it takes to get this series finished and not compress what should be two or three books into one, Emerilia has a breadth and scope to it that’s awesome to play with so I will happily play for it until it comes to it’s end. Hope that allays some of your fears! 🙂

  8. Any update on when book #6 may be released?

  9. Any info on if/when the series will be adapted to audiobook format?

  10. Hello, gotta say I love this book series so far, im starting the book 4 audiobook and was wondering when or if the 5th audiobook is coming to amazon?

    • Thank you for your support! All of the Emerilia books will be coming to Audible. I am not sure of their dates, but looking at a release of one per 6 weeks on average 🙂 Mostly depends on Audible as it can take them from a few weeks to a month to get a book published. I can tell you that Book 5 is going through the submission process currently 🙂

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