1. Just a question, how does this effect the harmony war, are you going to amazingly like have the next series connect free fleet, harmony, and emerilia. Or are they totally different universes and im letting my mind getting ahead of myself *crosses fingers for first one*

    • Haha, might be a getting ahead there 😉 The series are in totally different universes, I went to work on Emerilia as I needed a light little break from the Victor brothers because its a pretty heavy series to deal with and write and have a bunch of ideas so didn’t want to rush it. I will be working on the next installment of the Victor Brother’s arc, I hope to have the first book ready by this November!

      • thanks for replying…. but still how cool would it be if the emerilia guys somehow make the teleporters go through the multiverse and somehow make a big teleporter and bring some of the ships from the free fleet to fight off the aliens in emerilia ( sorry cant spell it)…. but you know i should just stop trying to make up awesome plots

  2. Benny Eugene Floyd

    March 17, 2017 at 7:47 pm

    Really enjoy the books. Looking forward to giving you more money!

  3. Will there be an audio version for the whole series? I burned through the first two and I’m hungry for more.

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