1. Fucking amazing job you did with this book. Your improvement as an author over the last year is really obvious when I look back.
    Wish you the best with keeping this quality of work throughout the rest of the Emerilia books.

  2. Book is great, But..
    The Player Character Information Table is buggy (Kindle for PC 3): the right side of the table is truncated unless font size is set on minimum (Arggh! My eyes!). Example At loc. 298 whatever Dave’s “Gender” is missing.

    • Hi Magpie,

      Thanks for letting me know, I’ve fixed the problem on the manuscript (damn indenting!!!) but Amazon’s rules on updating books is rather… odd. New people buying the book will have the changes right away, while users that got it before i put up the new file would have to delete and return the book, then purchase it again to get the new file. Amazon’s reason for this is so that they can keep bookmarks and comments that the reader has made without making them lose their positioning. Makes sense, but a real pain in the butt when trying to fix any small errors.

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