MonthMay 2016

Which cover do you think is the best?

Hokunin has just come back with two sketches and I’m having a hard time deciding between covers, which one do you think is better?



Or 2?


From Furies Forged has a Release Date!!

From Furies Forged will be released on the 4th of June, just a month to go!

I’m trying out the pre-order system as soon as it’s Amazon official I’ll put a link out.

If you can’t wait that long you can read the first chapter of From Furies forged here: http://bit.ly/1TO6JZ1

What do you think about this cover?

What do you think of this cover? Any ideas of what it might be?


Testing out Wattpad with a meta-human book!

Hope everyone’s having a good Monday!

So I’ve been tinkering with the idea of putting some work I’m doing on Wattpad, a kind of side project while I produce more books on Amazon. I was struck with the book idea for Virals and after some thought I’m going to be putting up a chapter every so often.

I’m not sure if I want to turn it into a series so I really want your input, do you like it? What can I do better, I want to make not only books for you, but with you, which would be awesome 😀

Now the first chapter and synopsis is up on Wattpad so please check it out!(Link) I’m swamped right now with getting From Furies Forged ready which might be ready sooner rather than later…

I’ll be back soon with more announcements 🙂

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