MonthApril 2016

No Rest For the Wicked


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Earth is safe for now, with it came some much needed surprises. Though if Salchar was expecting a break he’s in for a rude awakening, well he’s already done that once…. but anyway.

Lady Fairgate has sensed something has gone wrong at Parnmal. Thinking that Jorsht is now trying to carve out his own little kingdom, she sends Captain Kelu, one of her favourite enforcers with the largest Syndicate Fleet assembled since the Syndicate and the Union went head to head.

Though Kelu is in for some nasty surprises when he reaches Parnmal, Jorsht isn’t home and this little bit of space is defended by the Free Fleet. Salchar and his people are going to have to pull some major tricks out of their hats to survive the defense of Parnmal. It’s time to see if the Free Fleet has what it takes to survive. No matter what the outcome, their going to make sure no one is going to forget their names.

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Salchar and the Free Fleet are tired, low on resources, man power and ships that should actually be flying. Yet they have a mandate, free those that are being oppressed.
Sarenmenti, Humans, Kuruvians, Chaleelians and the genetic creations of the AI called the Planner, Avarians, band together under the banner of the Free Fleet to go to the fleet’s birthplace-Earth.
Life is nothing but a battle for a survival, and Salchar is going to have to use all of his skills to keep his people alive.
The galaxy has a few surprises to throw his way, as well as some polticians up to their own games.
Salchar is going to wish for battles instead of dealing with the twisted minds of politicians and a people that think they are still the centre of the universe.

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