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The Universe isn’t always as it appears, this is something that the Free Fleet has learnt time and time again. As a threat, thought to be wiped out returns, the Free Fleet will have to face an oncoming war.

Salchar will have to overcome his anger and decide which of his enemies he will trust, and which one’s time has run out. He might be the commander of the Free Fleet but there is no way he’s staying out of this fight.

Fleet commanders will step up to take command of true fleets and warships. Though when the black’s own creatures come tearing out from children’s nightmares. The Free Fleet will not shy away, they will not give up, their childhood was ripped away, but they will fight for other’s to have a place to grow, free from fear, free from war. It’s the Free Fleet, some might call them insane, might call them lunatics and hell they’d probably agree! It’s going to take some lunatics to charge into the breach.